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Tired of lacking technical support for crucial operations? Sick of wasting time and energy using makeshift solutions? Let us help! We understand the struggle of juggling resources and trying to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced industry. We've been there.

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We're Dmitry and Ilya. We've worked closely together for the past decade, founding two startups and successfully exiting our most recent one in 2021. With our unique blend of operational and engineering skills, we're well-equipped to tackle complex problems, particularly on the operational front. We know how to streamline complicated processes and optimize them with software solutions.

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Engineering Expertise
Based in Miami, US
Dmitry was a CEO of an Outsourcing Agency servicing Uber, Yango and Leroy Merlin. In 2018 he became a co-founder and CTO of a PropTech startup, which he exited in 2021.

Dmitry began his career as a web developer, creating his first web-based game at the young age of 14. After years of experience in startups and internet services, he was invited to Uber as an IT expert and operational process automation contractor. Under Dmitry's leadership, his team developed software that processed over 1 million driver applications and significantly increased performance while reducing staff.

As the CTO of the PropTech startup, Dmitry oversaw all technical aspects of the company, including automation. Together with his team, he created smart locks to provide easy apartment access for customers, developed an internal CRM system with phone bots and automated visit scheduling, created web apps for tenants and landlords, an online agreement service, and connected everything to a joint ecosystem. These efforts allowed the company to become the market leader and surpass companies that had achieved similar results in decades.

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Operational Expertise
Based in London, UK
Ilya was a General Manager at Uber. Later, he became a co-founder and CEO of a PropTech startup, which he exited in 2021.
2019 nominated
Forbes 30 under 30

During his career at Uber, Ilya and his team were responsible for Expansion and Driver Operations. Ilya oversaw various projects related to Offline and Online Driver Acquisition, Driver Engagement, Call-center Management, Field Workforce Management, and Analytics. By the end of his career at Uber, his team was generating over 10,000 new active drivers every week.

As the CEO of a PropTech startup, Ilya was responsible for overseeing all company verticals, with a particular focus on the operational side. Under his leadership, the entire user journey for residential apartment rentals was redesigned to enable tenants to seamlessly find and move into new apartments without any personal interaction. Landlords were able to lease and manage their apartments from the app, and the NPS for both sides was above 90%. Within two years, the company became the #1 player in the market in terms of monthly deals, and within four years, it became the #1 player in terms of portfolio size. Landlord retention was 85%, compared to the market average of 50%. Eventually, the company was sold to a strategic investor for a valuation of $10 million.

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