Payment tracking solution that analyses for profits.

Easyops tracks your dispatched orders and reconciles your payments against them so as to track the net settled amount and profitability. Easyops also automatically track your refund and provides you with a clear reconciliation of your refund against the actual returns.

Marketplace Payment Reconciliation

Easyops is an eCommerce payment reconciliation software. It automatically pulls your settlements as they are paid to you, analyzing settlement fees and tracking your profits.

Order-wise reconciliation

Track what orders are paid, unpaid and refunded. Reconcile refunds with returns; analyze deductions for discrepancies.

Sku-wise Profitability

Automated profit calculations that take into account all the fees and GST inputs providing you with the actual net profit on an SKU.

Easyops is a highly adaptable solution with a lot of features that allow us to track and follow up on our orders and customers efficiently. The implementation process was as smooth as possible, and the team were up and running within 48 hours. We recommend Easyops because it’s great and their team is determined to make it work for their customer’s needs.

– Asvitha, FullyFilmy

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Manage Payment Tracking Across All Your Platforms

Our multichannel platform connects with all the major platforms. You can connect to an unlimited number of sales channels.

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