Cloud based inventory solution for growing DTC brands

Centralized inventory control across all your retail, wholesale channels and fulfilment locations.

Complete inventory control for growing direct to consumer brands

Easyops seamlessly integrates your sales channels and inventory locations to give your team complete and reliable inventory control.

Centralized Inventory Management

Easyops give you centralized inventory management from a singular easy-to-use interface. Easily view and manage your available, blocked and on-hand stock levels across all your multiple locations.

Automated Inventory Sync

Eliminate overselling or underselling with our automatic and continuous inventory syncing. Easyops, a cloud-based inventory management software runs 24/7, so it’s working even when you’re not. Stock quantities for sale are automatically adjusted as stock is added, sold or adjusted; further, available inventory gets synced across your multiple channels in real-time.

Good Inward

Execution of proper inward of goods is one of the most important steps in inventory control. Easyops provides GRN (Good receipt note) based inward workflow to track and manage the receipt of your goods.

Inventory Control

Unified inventory control helps to maintain a lean inventory across your sales channels. Easyops inventory management software tracks the movement of your inventory right from purchase to fulfillment to returns. It does so to facilitate your team the visibility into the movement of your largest asset: inventory.

With Easyops, you’ll have a reliable inventory control system with dynamic inventory insights to avoid stock-outs and prevent overstocks.

Inventory Planning

Make faster and better purchasing decisions with the help of intelligent inventory software. Know what to reorder and when to reorder; thus, help you run a tight, lean operation.

Navigate your entire purchase process—from planning to shipment, arrival, receipt, and close—with easy access to related info and important context.

Retail Inventory Management

Easyops Cloud Retail Inventory Management makes it easy to integrate your various retail inventory locations and manage it centrally. No more worries about data safety and daily backups to HQ. Easyops ensures your inventory information in real-time and provides real-time data analytics helping business take faster and timely decisions.

Multi-location Inventory Management

Maintain and track inventory at the bin level. Segregate zones and categorize your inventory into Long-term storage, Forward picking location & Damaged goods locations.

Warehouse Management

Easyops integrated warehouse management enables efficient goods out and goods in processes, and help you keep track of returns and reduce mistake in picking and other warehouse errors. Keep track of inventory across multiple warehouse locations including FBA warehouses with ease.

We’ve used Easyops from the early days to power the inventory control aspect of our website for B2B as well as B2C to enable more seamless business operations.

– Nitin, Soultree

Sell across sales channels

Learn how to maintain lean inventory and sell efficiently – without overextending yourself.

Features to help you scale

Easyops comes with intelligent features that you will require to scale your business.
Product Bundling
Easily combine your products together to sell in kits and bundles to sell on any sales channel. Bundle inventory is intelligently managed by Easyops and automatically synced across sales channels in real-time.​
Virtual Stock
Manage virtual stock position where stock is not physically available but can be procured on demand.
Low Stock Alerts
Configure stock levels and receive low stock and danger level alerts for stock.
Generate barcode for your stock item directly from Easyops that works with all standard barcode scanners.
Inventory serialization process helps you track individual units of inventory using serial numbers. Inventory serialization helps to track each individual item from manufacturing to storage to customers.​
Inventory Reports​
Easyops provides tons of useful reports that help you keep track of your sales and inventory. Discover your fast & slow moving stock, dead stock and get stock recommendation based on your sales velocity.​

Manage Inventory Across All Your Platforms

Our multichannel platform connects with all the major platforms. You can connect to an unlimited number of sales channels.

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